Brazing Engineer (Mexico)

Minimum education:

High school



5-10 years

Work Area:

Changshu, China

1. Be responsible for formulating reasonable welding procedures, welding equipment parameters, and welding procedures and standards for welding products.                  
2. Participate in the design, manufacture or outsourcing requirements and acceptance standards of welding fixtures and gas tight fixtures.                                  
3. Formulate welding operation standards, personnel operation rules, and internal inspection judgment standards for welding products.                                          
4. Cultivate the production line brazing staff, formulate the welder's assessment plan and regularly implement the assessment to complete the skill improvement.                                     
5. Safety inspection of welding equipment and safety training of welding operation. Ensure the safe implementation of welding process.


Recruitment requirements:                                                           
1. Technical secondary school or above, major in science and engineering, welding operation certificate is preferred.
2. Engaged in flame brazing for more than 10 years, familiar with the welding process of automobile pipeline parts, and familiar with automatic welding operation. Have rich brazing theoretical knowledge and practical operation experience.
3. Strong hands-on ability, able to design welding and airtight tooling, and master at least one drawing software (CAD/UG/SOLIDWORKS)
4. Work conscientiously, with a rigorous attitude, and a working attitude towards technology excellence.