The epidemic prevention is not lax, and PXI actively cooperates with the government to carry out pre holiday epidemic prevention and control inspection

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On September 23, 2022, Yan Town, Shanghu Town, Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Economic Development Bureau and Shanghu Police Station came to PXI Auto Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to carry out pre holiday epidemic prevention and control supervision.

Yan Zhen learned about the epidemic prevention and control status of the enterprise from the epidemic prevention responsible personnel of the company, focusing on the implementation of entrance management, temperature measurement registration, double code verification, etc; Wearing condition of staff masks; The work of the enterprise's independent nucleic acid detection points.
The epidemic prevention work of the enterprise was carried out in an orderly manner, and the optimization suggestions of relevant leaders were carefully listened to.

      The leaders who came to the inspection emphasized that the National Day holiday is coming. Although the epidemic situation has normalized, enterprises should still take the prevention and control of the epidemic situation as the top priority and stick to the bottom line of the epidemic prevention and control with a sense of responsibility of "always being reassured".
Suzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Notice No. 160 in 2022

Appendix 1: Methods for Finding Sampling Points for Nucleic Acid Detection
Open the home page of "Suzhou Zhouzhou" APP and click "Epidemic Prevention and Control" to view the normalized sampling points, medical institutions' sampling points and 24-hour sampling points.