System Engineer

Minimum education:




3-5 years

Work Area:

Changshu, China

Job requirements:
1.1 College degree or above, major in quality is preferred;
1.2 Have more than three years of experience in establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving the quality system;
1.3 Possess internal auditor qualification certificate and specific actual internal audit experience;
1.4 Open-minded, willing to communicate, strong initiative;
1.5 Able to bear greater working pressure

4.1 Establish and maintain the quality management system to ensure its effectiveness and good implementation;
4.2 Formulate annual system audit, process audit and product audit and ensure effective implementation as planned;
4.3 Promote the continuous updating and improvement of the quality system according to the new quality system and customers' new requirements;
4.4 Continue to track and review the problem points and ensure effective and timely closure; 4.5 Identify and coordinate opportunities for continuous improvement of the quality system;
4.6 Support the second and third party audit;
4.7 Internal document management is orderly and controlled;
4.8 The company's system KPI is effectively tracked and continuously improved;
4.9 Promotion and tracking of LPA hierarchical audit.