Committed to providing local solutions for parts and components of the global auto thermal management systems



PXI is committed to providing best quality of product for automotive to our customers.


To be one of the best automotive suppliers and the most reliable partners to our customers in the worldwide.


People Oriented

Every PXI’s employee is the center of our work. We motivate and encourage every employee. Mutual respect and trust between colleagues make us become a successful team. We know that excellent performance is the result of teamwork. We provide all types of employees with a big platform to give play to their talents, so as to bring more benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, employees are the foundation of PXI. We attach importance to and respect the development of employees. 

Integrity And Reliability

Integrity and reliability are the basic requirements for us. Every employee should make every effort to keep promise in the job. Once confirmed, it will be deemed as a responsibility. This is also applicable to our promise to our internal and external customers. Our products embody our commitments to quality and reliability. We cooperate with world advanced automobile heat exchange manufacturing factories. They deem us as a reliable business partner. It is our honor to support them to develop new products. 


Focus On Results

As for us, focusing on results means the stress on customers. We should guarantee that we not only meet and even exceed the expectation of our customers for us, but also make our price competitive at home and abroad. Focusing on results requires us to establish set specific goals and clearly know the working direction in the process of realizing our purposes.


PXI's interest is higher than that of individuals and departments. All the staff of PXI, especially the management, should pay attention to the interest of the whole, and make every effort to balance the interest of all parties. This requires us to be ready to make necessary concessions at any time. On one hand, we should stand our own ground; on the other hand, we should take proper eclectic measures. This is one important aspect when handling our relations with internal and external partners. 


Willing To Innovate

Innovation is the core of our future. It is innovation that makes our products and price very competitive. This is the source of power of our growth and expansion.