Promoting safe resumption of work and production, PXI nucleic acid volunteers

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      In order to respond to the call of the government and ensure the safety and convenience of the employees, PXI Auto Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has set up its own nucleic acid sampling point to implement independent nucleic acid sampling in the process of orderly promoting the resumption of work and production.

[Detection area, orderly inspection waiting team of PXI staff]

[Volunteers do a good job of information collection]

[Take samples of volunteers and carefully prepare for each employee before sampling]

[Volunteers, do a good job in testing every employee carefully and normatively]
Every nucleic acid testing volunteer has received theoretical and practical training from the government, and will work with a certificate after passing the examination. Some of the nucleic acid sampling teams are responsible for sampling, some are responsible for scanning, and some are responsible for disinfection and sterilization and order maintenance, with orderly division of labor and mutual cooperation.
To every volunteer involved in nucleic acid testing, thank you for your hard work!